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Look #338

Меш голова - #TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f)
Кожа - DeeTaleZ - Body Mixedtype
Меш тело - -Belleza- Venus - новинка!
( В комплект входит обувь и нижнее бельё)
Волосы (r)M Hair No.21'14, oneSize - Copper Blond - новинка!
Украшение - [ glow ] studio Take on me Necklace SilverTur

So let me tell you some of the important details about the fitted mesh body.   includes 2 versions one made with Bellezas hands and feet and one that will be compatible with Slink hands and feet. Also included is the lingerie in 3 colors and 2 pairs of shoes.  These items will be included with the set that will be sold in store.   
For the Belleza FULL mesh body the HUD works as follows...

SKIN tab:
- 7 Belleza skin tones to match all of our previous Belleza releases
- 16 skin tone presets that you can use to work with numerous other skins on the market
- 8 slots to save skin appliers (you will be able to save them in the hud as other creators releae them)
- On/Off switches for your 3 mesh layers - tattoos, underwear & clothing layers

ALPHA tab:
- You can toggle off areas of the body using one of the buttons (neck, nipples arms, etc.) or you can directly select areas of the body that you want to show/hide. 
*We have tested this and it seems to work very successfully with most clothing, however the breasts and buttocks will need some shape adjustments as you will find. 

- Natural & Cleavage push up options
- 7 Nipple textures

HANDS tab:
- 16 different hand poses with the ability to change for both right and left hands.
- 3 nail lengths 
- 20 nail polish options

FEET tab:
- 3 different feet heights to select from
- Just Design feet option
- 20 nail polish options

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